Zemax product launch at SolidWorks World

Zemax launches product for mechanical engineers at SolidWorks World this week. [Work]

04 Feb 2016

Zemax, a leader in optical design software, turned to GA to brand a new business unit and product to reach a new customer base: mechanical engineers. This was a fun challenge as we needed to first help them name the product before we could tackle the look and feel. Kicking things off in October, we were able to deliver what was needed to launch the product at SolidWorks World this week.


Name selection

A collective effort, ultimately, we landed on LensMechanix--a name that conveys the purpose and audience for the product--mechanical engineers designing products built around lenses. The “x” in Mechanix ties to their corporate name, Zemax.


Using the same typeface as their flagship product, OpticStudio, we created a mark that plays off the navy in their color palette, while introducing a green for LensMechanix which works well with their existing orange.


The brand identity includes photos of product prototypes with angle cuts which show how LensMechanix validates lens designs within the products built by mechanical engineers.


A straightforward messaging framework speaks to their left-brained audience and makes it easy to pull headlines, sub-heads and copy blocks for a variety of communications--from their website to brochures.


Overall, the new brand identity brings vibrant color and compelling visuals to tell the new product story consistently across all communications.

LensMechanix Booth Mockup

LensMechanix Booth Mockup


LensMechanix Brochure

LensMechanix Brochure



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