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21 Oct 2015

At a time when nonprofit organizations across the board are receiving less government funding and therefore seeking even more support from outside donors, Bloodworks tapped GA to create a high-end major gifts brochure to support their fundraising efforts.



We are all connected. 

The resulting piece emphasizes in copy, original photography and design how, as humans, we are intertwined and have a responsibility to serve and protect each other. It educates potential donors on the lifesaving research for which Bloodworks needs funding, such as:

  • Putting an end to heart attacks and strokes caused by blood clots
  • Extending the storage life of platelets to save lives of wounded military personnel or those in underserved communities 
  • Ending the suffering of children with bleeding disorders

 The piece is now being used by fundraisers in one-on-one meetings with potential major donors.


“The project far exceeded our original expectations. Everyone who saw one of the original copies raved about it. Thanks so much for all your refinement in the messaging, well-crafted language, superb attention to detail in the photography and overall creative visioning. All in all a fantastic final product.”

Jeff Pritchard | Capital Campaign Director at Bloodworks


About Bloodworks

Bloodworks is a nonprofit blood center and research institute providing vital medical, transfusion and lab services to 90 hospitals in Washington, Oregon and Alaska – as well as driving leading edge research on blood biology, transfusion, thrombosis and blood disorders. 

In short, Bloodworks’ services and research initiatives save lives. 


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