If these cubicle walls could talk: What your workspace wants for Christmas or Hanukkah

If these cubicle walls could talk: What your workspace wants for Christmas or Hanukkah

22 Dec 2016

(Or both. Because it’s greedy.)

By this point in December, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about what your clients might like for the holidays. What your kids might like. Your spouse. Your dog. Your…self. But have you stopped to consider what your oft-forgotten office might be secretly coveting late at night with only the gentle hum of the vacuum cleaner to keep it company? No?

Thankfully, we’ve saved your relationship with your cubicle with the following list of items. All your workspace wants for Christmas is…


A new laptop

Topping PC Magazine’s roundup of “The Best Laptops of 2017” are the HP Spectre x360 and New Razer Blade Stealth, but your office would probably love the Dell XPS, Lenovo ThinkPad, Asus ZenBook or any of the rest of the gang on this list.


A standing desk

“Because of the decreased chance of diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, a variety of studies have discovered a stolid connection between the quantity of time an individual spends sitting and her or his odds of dying inside a specific time period,” says Inc. Bleak, no? Time to embrace the standing desk! Unsure which one is best for your choosy workspace? Check out these Insider Picks from Business Insider for ideas.


A cushy chair (if you must sit down)

If you’re not the standing sort, here’s a roundup of “Recommended PC Gaming Chairs.” Because you may know a lot about PowerPoint and managing your Outlook inbox, but PC gamers know way more than you do about planting themselves in a single chair for hours without needing to resort to using a walker afterward. You should listen to them and their healthy, healthy spines.   


A sense of humor

Your office doesn’t have to be all business all the time. Give it the gift of levity with a Shark Bite Staple Remover, a funny desk plaque or a magical tape dispenser.


A bit of lightness

Experts may say that reading in the dark is safe, but those short, gloomy winter days have your workspace begging for a light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least at the end of the office hallway. Lighten things up with a colorful desk lamp, standing lamp, sconce or hanging lamp.


The gift of cleanliness

Perhaps the best present you can give your workspace this season is the gift of tidiness. Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that uncluttered and organized living is better for staying focused and processing information.

To that, your cubicle says, “Cheers!”



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