Website designed in record time [Work]

24 Jan 2018

With software that helps optical and mechanical engineers create cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality headsets and self-driving cars in record time, Zemax’s website was built around supporting current customers with technical knowledgebase articles and video tutorials. Recognizing a need to elevate their message to prospective customers, Zemax turned to GA to create a new website built for lead generation.


The website had been cobbled together over time as products had been added to the company’s portfolio, resulting in a confusing user experience, with three different top navigation systems depending on where you were in the site.




The redesigned website was built on best practices for enterprise B2B software sites, including a free trial offer at the top and bottom of most pages, content offers to capture user information, a clear articulation of the competitive difference, customer stories and a blog. The blog, a first for Zemax, is where their optical and mechanical engineering experts offer industry news and best practices.


“The website is a huge step forward for our company,” said Dan Hamann, Chief Revenue Officer. “It provides us with the tool we needed for sales and marketing to accelerate our revenue growth.”


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