There's no better time than now to use video marketing to promote your business

30 Aug 2016

Here’s why you should get on the video marketing bandwagon if you haven't already.

According to YouTube, almost five billion videos are watched on the service every single day. But according to Entrepreneur magazine, a mere nine percent of U.S. based small businesses use the service to promote their offerings. Those businesses are missing out, since YouTube, as the second largest search engine, can be a great traffic-driver and credibility-builder for companies and organizations. Here are three reasons you should consider creating marketing videos to drive interest in your business.

Video drives traffic to your website

According to Marketing Sherpa, posting informative, educational videos to your blog and different areas of your website can increase traffic to your site by 200-300 percent. So sharing tips your audience can use, from the face or faces of your brand, is an opportunity worth taking advantage of. Those numbers only improve when social media or other advertising helps get the word out.


Video helps you increase conversions

Inbound marketing company Hubspot says that videos on landing pages help increase lead conversion by 80 percent. The idea is that by giving people who land on the page a little more information in advance, they’ll be more likely to download or sign up for your offer. What’s more, if you ask for an email address or other small tidbit of information before video viewing, you’ll help grow your list for later.

Video helps you increase engagement on social media

Facebook has long offered video as a way for marketers to get the word out about their business. But last year, LinkedIn joined the video revolution, too, and 2018 offers promise for marketers looking to make a splash on the business-focused site. A recent survey by Wyzowl reported that even though currently only 38 percent of marketers share video content using LinkedIn's new video feature, three-quarters of them reported it to be a successful tactic. More than 55 percent of marketers surveyed said they would continue to use LinkedIn for video marketing, or start, in 2018.

Video helps you nurture leads

The softer side of the sales funnel is how your prospects view your company or organization—and nicely designed videos can help. For example, if a potential patient has already seen a doctor online talking about a procedure before an appointment, not only is that patient better informed, but he/she may also have an increased comfort level with the doctor right from the first meeting. If a small business shares a social video about sourcing only local materials, potential customers may feel more inclined to buy and confident about their purchase from that business. Video is a great way to help a company or organization gain trust.


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