Here are ways to upcycle your old collateral for new prospective clients, patients, employees and donors.

Upcycle your collateral.

26 Nov 2015

It’s important for businesses to have collateral pieces at the ready to share with prospects in order to engage and inform. And it’s also important to keep that collateral fresh. But what do you do with the old white papers, fact sheets and folders that are sitting around, collecting virtual or literal dust? Here are ways to upcycle your old collateral for new prospective clients, patients, employees and donors. 


Refresh retired company overviews and fact sheets as a virtual timeline.

Compile dates and milestones from decades old company backgrounders to tell your company’s story as a virtual timeline that can be shared on your website, like Ford, and social media channels.


Turn dusty banner ads into blog CTA buttons.

The rules of inbound marketing—getting audiences to come to you versus the other way around—say that everything you push out should offer a secondary call to action. Why not switch up some copy and resize your old banner ads for use as a secondary offer at the end of a blog post?


Feature old photography and signage as new office decoration.

Retro imagery and materials can add spice to the new trend in 3D branding of office spaces, like what ESPN has done.


Turn past customer testimonials into social shareables.

Revitalize positive feedback you’ve received by turning it into well-designed, inspirational cards that you can periodically share out on your social networks. Better yet? Make them funny. “‘I love waiting on hold,’ said no client ever. What Jane Smith of Seattle did say, though, was, ‘Your customer service rocks. I got my question answered in under five minutes.’”


Upcycle expired surveys into infographics.

Depending on your mission, you likely have some old research sitting around. And we’d be shocked if you didn’t have performance metrics. Why not repurpose those facts and figures as an infographic, like the one Warby Parker did here.


Spotlight old bios and pictures as a throwback series.

Social media is all about connecting with your just-right audiences, and how better to connect than to make them giggle, Throwback Thursday style? Repurpose those adorably awful headshots with a quote from a past bio to amuse your fans.


Speeches and presentations? Use it again, Sam, as a free guide.

A lot of work goes into trade show speeches and industry presentations—why not repurpose the content as a free, downloadable guide that you can offer on your blog and social channels.

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