Type A versus Type B at work

21 Jul 2017

Whether you identify with Type A or Type B personality type, there’s probably a lot to learn from the other side of the house. Here are some signature traits of each side can play out positively in the workplace.


Type A traits at work

  • Organized
    • Important emails are never missed
  • Time-driven
    • Deadlines are met and sometimes bested
  • Goal-driven
    • Keeps eyes on the prize of measurable goals

You might be a Type A if you:

  • Packed a bento box lunch this morning
  • Checked your email at midnight
  • Have fewer than 10 emails in your primary inbox

You might want to channel Type B if you sometimes:

  • Act before you have the facts
  • Use abrupt language at work
  • Work longer hours than you’d like

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Type B traits at work

  • Patient
    • High-stress scenarios are taken in stride
  • Creative
    • Every piece of work is an opportunity to create
  • Flexible
    • Able to live in the moment, and adapt to it

You might be a Type B if you:

  • Have sticky notes all over your monitor
  • Wish every day was business casual day
  • Could lose a day on your curated Instagram or Pinterest boards

You might want to channel Type A if you sometimes:

  • Lose important emails
  • Spend more time on a project than you meant to
  • Feel overwhelmed about deadlines

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Whichever side you identify with more, we think we should all strive to be a little more Type AB—or BA—to succeed, tapping our creative energies and unruffled manners while still keeping our inboxes and lunch boxes uber-organized.


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