Transforming a brand that’s transforming an entire industry

20 Oct 2017
Whether designing the latest virtual reality headset or a telescope to be launched into space, industry leaders creating products with optics as the central component rely on Zemax software. With its growing product family, Zemax has made it easier for companies to compete by getting their optical products to market faster, while reducing costs and optimizing optical performance. Zemax leadership saw that it was time to realign their brand and they turned to GA Creative for guidance.


Developing a story for a new target audience

Historically, Zemax marketed its individual products to end users. Recognizing an opportunity to grow sales by encouraging companies to standardize on Zemax software, we started speaking to managers of engineering teams and corporate leadership. We worked with the team at Zemax to introduce the solution story around Zemax Virtual Prototyping – in short, the benefit of using both their optical and illumination design and SOLIDWORKS add-in software products together.


“The new brand is a better reflection of who we are as an industry leader worldwide. With the help of GA Creative, we have moved leaps and bounds in the right direction with our brand – all in a very short time.”

Dan Hamann, Chief Revenue Officer - Zemax



By shifting from a product-focused image library to a user-focused library, the campaign highlights the collaboration that the software products enable between optical and mechanical engineers. Images from the custom photoshoot are light and bright.


We also introduced conceptual imagery for use in marketing. These images consist of dramatic macro, telescopic, wide angle and fish-eye lens images that illustrate the possibilities of final product applications when looking through the lens.




The company and product logos were revisited. By lightening the color of the corporate logo, it became more easily apparent that it is blue, not black. And by dropping the arc graphic element beneath the name, the logo is clean and allows for the addition of a tagline should one be adopted.

For the product logos, we established consistency by making the first part of the word light gray.

Before   After
 Zemax-Company-Logo_No_Tag_RGB.png   Zemax-Company_RGB.png 
OpticStudio_Color_NoVersion-01.png    OpticStudio_Positive_RGB.png
LensMechanix_Positive_RGB.png   LensMechanix_Positive_RGB-1.png



The brand in action

GA established a more clean and simple layout style, for online and printed materials, that avoids using too many different elements on a page. The striking hero images, combined with punchy headlines, pull people in, while content offers drive prospects to share their contact information for access to valuable white papers, case studies and webinars.

Digital ad



Zemax Ad Before_2B.png   ZVP_GS_Static_300x250.png


Print ad




Zemax Ad Before_1.png   ZVP_GlobalSurgical_ad_8_125x10_8125.png



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