06 May 2017
Three core principles guide the way.

Website design is a central part of building a strong brand. Your website needs to be responsive so it’s accessible, navigation should be intuitive and transactions have to be seamless. Simple, clean and centered on the needs of your website visitors, user-centered design means to:

  • Understand who the user groups are and what tasks they are performing on your site. Note: customer personas can come in handy in this way.
  • Keep design clean and simple to reduce unnecessary mental effort by the user.
  • Be consistent with interface elements and dialogue boxes.
  • Provide adequate navigation for end users to know exactly where they are at all times.
  • Use simple and natural language.

But how do you achieve all of this from a design perspective? Our website design philosophy consists of three key principles:

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14 Apr 2017

Zemax enlisted GA Creative to launch a campaign to promote its suite of software products that streamline the workflow between optical and mechanical engineers. We developed a media plan that included a mix of print and digital tactics to reach a new target audience, drive leads to a landing page and offer valuable content to entice prospects to provide their contact information in order to build up a database of sales leads.


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30 Mar 2017

Responsive web design used to be an optional add-on and viewed as costly. Not anymore – it’s not only attainable for everyone, it’s essential. According to Pew Research, nearly 2/3 of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many, these devices are a key entry point to the online world. And consider that 48 percent of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring (MarginMedia).

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11 Oct 2016

Email marketing works. VentureBeat’s report states that, “email is the marketing ROI leader and the preferred channel for customers to receive information from brands.” Furthermore, personalized emails increase open and click-through rates.

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