07 Jan 2016
5 ways to make your rack cards rock.

The average consumer sees rack cards all the time—in hospitals, restaurants and theaters, at bars and on buses—but likely hasn’t heard the term. In Starbucks locations, for example, rack cards are everywhere. And rightly so. When we’re standing in line, waiting for friends or sitting on the train and we’ve exhausted our status updates or our tablet battery is dead, we need something to look at, right? Why not learn about a company, product or service via a 4x9 informational card? And if you’re the company with the products or services, why not make your card stand out from the rack pack?

Here are five ways to make your rack cards rock.


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31 Dec 2015

How to work with a designer to create the best brochure, flyer, folder, website and more.

Even in our virtual world, distributing physical brochures, flyers or rack cards about your company, products or services is still a valid way to get your messages into your target audience’s hands—literally. But sometimes, working with a designer on the creation of the right collateral can be a challenging process. Here are tips for communicating with a designer to make sure your collateral is king.

Note: This blog is focused on design. For tips on copywriting, click here.


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22 Dec 2015
The best options for printing, folding and binding your brochure, courtesy of GA’s production specialist.

Brochures are a time-tested way to get out messages about a company or organization, product or service. They’re an opportunity to wow audiences who are now used to looking at information on screen with—instead!—a tangible piece they can hold. That said, there are options abound for how to print, fold and bind your brochure—and it can be overwhelming. Here, our production specialist, Chris, gives his two cents. And a glorious two cents they are: Chris has worked in production for 20 years for major brands including Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, PACCAR and more.


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01 Dec 2015

Having collateral at-the-ready to distribute to prospects is necessary for every business. What’s unnecessary? File cabinets full o folders full o fact sheets—those are a space-encroaching requirement of the past. Here are the five pieces every business should have, now.


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