Top 5 web design trends for 2016

Top 5 web design trends for 2016

08 Jul 2016

Thinking of a web update or redesign? If it’s been more than two years since you refreshed your corporate site, it might be time. Need inspiration? Check out our list of the hottest trends in web design right now.


1. The long scroll

One single long page, or a long home page that links to smaller pages, is quickly becoming a preferred experience for users as it adapts to current mobile functionality issues. “Above the fold,” a vestige of the print age, and a long standing web-design myth that denied users liked to scroll, is officially dead. Today, users find scrolling gestural and fun. It provides instant gratification, contrasting from the delayed page loads from the past.

Pros: Mobile users have surpassed desktop users and expect fast bite-sized content.

Cons: Some users will be disoriented and find navigation difficult. Having only one page may negatively affect SEO and site speed.



2. One hamburger to rule them all

Hamburgers are the small three bar icon you will see at the top of many websites. When you click on one, a sliding drawer pops out from the side or top with a navigation menu. Using one hamburger to condense all navigation, even at desktop sizes, is something previously only seen on mobile sites and apps.

Pros: Makes a site cleaner and uses a UI most people are familiar with.

Cons: Can be harmful for e-commerce and news sites as it reduces discoverability.



3. Let's play cards

The constraints of small screens have made many sites more modular, or card-designed. Pinterest is a great example of a page that is broken into parts that can be reordered into different columns depending on device size. Typically, recent cards are at the top, and older cards are pushed to the bottom, allowing the user to quickly prioritize content.

Pros: Allows sites to contain a large amount of information in a fun, organized and engaging way and is well-suited to responsive design.

Cons: Not appropriate for simple websites and can be a big transition for existing sites.



4. Going to the movies

Video clips are growing from small framed clips to full frame, long cuts, with high resolution that is familiar to users from devices such as a TV screen.

Pros: Immersive movie-style experience familiar from other devices.

Cons: Expensive to implement and will use up a large amount of mobile data.



5. Technicolor

Incredibly saturated, hot color is a trend in 2016 that is seen even in conservative brands, such as Microsoft. Bright, energetic, fun combinations are memorable and highly visible on mobile devices—and easily direct the eye to key content.

Pros: Enhances experience with saturated vibrancy that is especially suited to minimalist design.

Cons: Will not fit every brand and can reduce legibility if not constructed carefully.




Whatever design trend youre intrested in, make sure it fits your brand personality—and consider how it’ll translate to your social media channels, too.


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