The secret to creating a strong case for support.

The secret to creating a strong case for support.

20 Sep 2016

We help nonprofit clients create effective cases for support as a tool for fundraisers to use in one-on-one conversations with prospective donors. As we take our clients through the process of building a case, we like to keep top-of-mind three attributes that define a successful case.



Trust is the most important factor to establish at the outset, when asking for donors to support your efforts. You must demonstrate ability and tenacity for your cause to be perceived as worthy.




Clearly communicate your organization’s mission and vision for the future – a bold vision for a better future, so donors get caught up in your vision.




Show some forward momentum, and create excitement around the possibilities, so that people can’t help but want to join in on the cause. And clearly communicate what outcomes donors can expect from their investment.




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