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Sundance movies, China's philanthropists and other headlines this week.

29 Jan 2016

Here’s a look at what we’re reading this week from the world of branding, consumer products, entertainment, science and technology.



The 6 hottest Sundance movies I didn't get to see.

What's on your list?



The robot revolution starts with data entry and small talk.

Robots are going to work in Japanese banks, hospitals and schools, but keep your expectations low. 


The New Yorker

Kodak's old-school response to disruption.

An interesting tale about opportunity and value in today's post-digital economy.



The faces of China's new philanthropy.

“If you’re a businessman in China, it’s probably easier for you to make money than to give it away. It’s not a free market for philanthropy."


Capitol Hill Times

Love, Seattle makes another mixtape for Seattle Children's Hospital.

But it's really more than just a mixtape.


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