Rock Star Brands: What businesses can learn about marketing from KISS and company.

21 Aug 2014

Metallica has 2.2M followers on Twitter. U2 is still relevant after 38 years. And The Rolling Stones are on Pinterest. What can industries who sport a lot less leather than your average bad boy learn about branding from rock and roll? A lot, actually. Here are a few tips for upping your brand’s cred:

The Name Game.

The best bands know that names that are too long, too clever, or too cute will get overlooked – and the same goes for non-rock industries. (Ever heard of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza? We didn’t think so.) What you do with that name, logo-wise, is equally critical. It’s worth the investment to develop a look that everyone at your organization can stand up and cheer about. Check out what we did for Tacoma Art Museum.


Consistency is King.

With their black and white face paint, we’d argue that KISS wrote the book on developing a look and sticking with it. Consistency in everything from tone, voice, messaging to design is one of the most effective ways to up brand recognition and preference. Critical to success is establishing a comprehensive set of brand guidelines for all employees to follow, whatever the delivery vehicle. Talk to us about development of a style guide that rocks.


Use Dollars to Target the Right People.

The night Columbia Records President, Clive Davis, saw Aerosmith for the first time in 1972, the band wasn’t supposed to be on the bill. It’s reported that the band paid the club in order to play instead of the other way around – just so they could be seen by the right person. The same applies to business across the board: Not all campaigns are created equal. Because sometimes a bus wrap trumps a billboard. Check out how we developed and reached specific target audience personas through the Franciscan Virtual Urgent Care launch campaign.

Get Your Social On.

Pearl Jam posts handwritten set lists on Instagram the afternoon of its shows: What’s to say that fans of your company’s technology wouldn’t like to see a scribbled sticky note from when your idea was born, too? Comparatively cheap and offering immediate connection with current and future audiences, social media – done thoughtfully – can up-level your brand. And as SocialMediaExplorer.com reports, with a little education and direction, all employees can become brand – or band – ambassadors. Click for details about our recent Facebook photo contest that topped charts.

Rock on!

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