Creating a “crazy awesome” recruitment video that draws in talent from outside an expected industry [Work]

02 May 2017

Recently we had the pleasure of working with the Providence Digital Innovation Group (DIG), pioneers who are creating the digital future of health care. DIG brings together the worlds of health care and technology to create innovative digital products and solutions to solve some of health care’s most pressing issues. An example of the type of solutions DIG has created is a TeleStroke cart that enables emergency doctors in rural areas to give remote access to specialist doctors located elsewhere in order to treat patients more effectively when seconds can mean the difference between life and death. The cutting-edge work DIG is doing demands cutting-edge engineering and development talent; DIG tapped GA to help reach top recruits around the country with a lively and informative recruitment video.

The assignment was to create a video that, in under two minutes, highlighting DIG’s mission, culture and uniqueness that might attract engineers and developers – not only from health care, but from tech and other industries, as well. As a health care organization competing for talent with the Amazons of the world, the video needed to stand apart from traditional health care marketing.

We spent a half-day with a camera crew capturing several interviews with DIG leadership and developers, plus plenty of b-roll around the upbeat, modern, downtown Seattle office where DIG hangs its hat. Ultimately, the video, which will be used on the DIG recruiting website and social media sites and, in subtitled form, looped at recruitment events, pleased everyone.


“The video GA produced garnered a big round of applause when we showed it to executives and staff for the first time. VP Mark Long said it best when he called the video, ‘crazy awesome.’”

Katie Palliser | Manager, Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing, Providence Digital Innovation Group (DIG)


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