Badgley Phelps gets a makeover with a fresh logo, website and social presence

Modernizing a wealth management brand [Work]

02 Aug 2016
Badgley Phelps gets a makeover with a fresh logo, website and social presence

Badgley Phelps, an established Seattle-based wealth management firm, came to GA Creative with a desire to modernize its look to better align with the services it provides to its valued clients, as well as to better reach both existing audiences and the younger face of wealth.

After several discovery sessions to gain an in-depth knowledge of Badgley’s goals and challenges associated with the rebrand, GA presented three conceptual directions. Ultimately the firm chose a look designed to emphasize balance.

Badgley Phelps’ rebranded presence illustrates the balance between its rich history in wealth management and financial planning and its commitment to continued innovation. It illustrates the balance between thoughtful planning and quick action. The balance between the firm’s advisers knowing their clients’ business goals just as finely as they know their personal ones.

Applied to the logo, website, theme line, business cards and other papers, signage and more, this balance concept shows through in the color scheme, messaging, image selection and overall design—as well as in the new frequency at which the firm communicates with its audiences on social media and through its blog.

BadgleyPhelps_Rebrand_GAportfolio_600px.pngBadgleyPhelps_Rebrand_GAportfolio_600px2.png BadgleyPhelps_Rebrand_GAportfolio_600px3.png BadgleyPhelps_Rebrand_GAportfolio_600px4.png



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