Marketing with your sales cycle in mind.

Marketing with your sales cycle in mind.

12 May 2016
Buyers are increasingly controlling the sales cycle, with 74% of business buyers conducting more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase (Forrester Research). With marketing now owning a larger piece of the lead-to-revenue cycle, business marketers need to find ways to engage with buyers through more of the buyer’s journey, and therefore, boost sales every step of the way. 

Buyer’s journey
Sales cycle
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  • Who are you?
  • What sets you apart?

If you can’t answer these questions, it’s time to go through a branding exercise. Your brand needs to speak to your value proposition and key differentiator. Going through a brand refresh can be just the thing to get your team excited and motivated for growth. And, it doesn’t have to be a belabored process. There are a number of things you can do to polish your brand and build on the equity you already have. Take a look at this brand makeover.



  • Do you know who your customers are?
  • Do you know where you need to be to get in front of them?

Targeting and segmentation are key to sales success. Going through an exercise to create target audience personas helps bring your prospects to life. It’s not just about their demographics, it’s about their likes, preferences, motivations, pain points. If you’re struggling to define your audience, let us help!

And, without a solid strategy to reach your customers or prospects, you will not be able to move them through the sales cycle to convert them to customers. Determining how to reach your customers can be tricky — and budget is a leading driver. We’ve helped clients move the needle with small social budgets and multi-million dollar ad campaigns, and just about everything in between. Let us help you develop a plan that makes sense to you and your customers.




Need help developing buyer personas? Download our handy eguide >






  • What valuable information can you provide to engage customers?
  • How can you get them to raise their hand for more?

What do you do when you’re shopping for a new product or service? Or kicking off a new project or initiative? If you’re like most people, you look online to find information and resources. So do your potential customers. So to help with conversion, consider investing in resources to create, grow and maintain a content marketing program, to keep customers and prospects engaged. It doesn’t have to be all original content. But make no mistake, if you’re sharing or aggregating OPC (other peoples’ content), make sure to layer on your own perspective and commentary to enhance its value.



So you’re engaged, but how do you put a ring on it?

First and foremost, you need to deliver on your brand, on your differentiator, and your value proposition. For optimal customer engagement, make sure you’re encouraging customers to give you feedback — customers appreciate it when you listen to them. Consider surveys. Survey Monkey is an easy and affordable way to survey your customers. And, it has lots of useful templates, tools and tips to create and distribute your survey.

Encourage customers to follow you on social media — and remember, they want valuable, engaging content! Ask them to share suggestions on where you can improve. Show them you’ve listened by implementing changes and updates that were inspired by customer feedback.

Here is an example of how CHI Franciscan Health combines a helpful reminder with their mammogram service:

 CHI Francsican Health Facebook Post



You have loyal customers, so how can you get them to be an extension of your sales force?

Encourage customers to share their stories and experiences. Leverage these stories in a variety of ways – on your website, in social media, or in an ad campaign that features happy customers and their outcomes in using your product or service.

But don’t forget to ask. Ask for referrals as part of your marketing efforts. People prefer doing business with people they know — or know of.  And referrals can be the number one tool in your belt.


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