Luring in baby boomers with deals and discounts

Luring in baby boomers with deals and discounts

25 Oct 2017

According to AARP, baby boomers account for half of all consumer expenditures—yet, surprisingly, just 10 percent of marketing dollars are targeted toward the 50+ audience. One of the ways for companies and organizations across industries to lure in baby boomers is with deals and discounts. Here are some of the ways to get your brand noticed.

Coupons via email

Baby boomers’ top two behaviors online are researching products (80 percent) and buying goods (75 percent), according to Pew Research. And who wants to buy full price?

We recently polled an online collective of younger and older baby boomers regarding their marketing preferences. (Read more in our free eGuide here.) 34 percent of respondents said they’d used a coupon emailed to them to purchase something in the past month.

For marketers, email can be a good online alternative to less targeted digital ads—especially if they’ve got an established list—and it’s relatively quick to implement. (For help with list creation, click here.) Using a unique URL, invisible to the recipient, coupons sent via email are easy to track and measure.


Coupons via postal mail

More than any other demographic, baby boomers look forward to checking their mail each day (Gallup)—and a coupon in the mail is like a bonus among the bills. 36 percent of our pollees said they’ve used a coupon mailed to them to purchase something in the past month, which isn’t surprising given that 2.5 billion direct mail coupons were redeemed last year (Direct Marketing Association). And, as the DMA says, “direct mail is one of the most measurable of all media, boosting the quality of analytics for any campaign.”


Coupons via text

Savvy businesses are using SMS delivery to reach millennials for everything from customer service to product information to instant delivery of coupons. Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia, an SMS marketing solution, says “With a 90 percent open rate, the SMS open rate is almost triple that of the average email open rate.” And while smartphone penetration among baby boomers is lower than that of millennials, the fact that 58 percent of U.S. adults ages 50-64 do own a smartphone isn’t a stat to sneeze at. Companies pioneering cutting edge, trackable deals via SMS for seniors could have the right idea at the right time. After all, of those we polled, 22 percent had used a coupon texted to them to purchase something in the past month.



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