Learn our data-driven way for divvying up your social media spend

Learn our data-driven way for divvying up your social media spend

04 Oct 2016

Deciding how to spend your social media marketing dollars—on which sites, and targeting which audiences—requires testing and more testing, and often some guesswork. Seeking a better way, we dove into the social demographic numbers provided by Pew Research Center and came up with sample spends. We looked at how many internet users are active on the top five social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, how many men use each site, how many millennials, and so on. Here are the resulting sample spends, by target group.

Naturally, success is influenced by dozens of other factors like compelling copy, dynamic design, post frequency, helpfulness and where the moon is in orbit. But ours is a data-backed start for determining on which sites to allocate dollars, and on which to stick to posting cat videos in your spare time.








Did you know?

  • Facebook is the primary place for targeting retirees on social media; if you’re spending money on Twiter or Instgram targeting people over 50, stop and reallocate
  • The social networks reaching the most high-income individuals are Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have the most educated users
  • Seeking diversity? Tap Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Whatever the mix, don’t forget to balance organic and paid content and always post to your wall or feed abiding by the 80/20 rule for helpful versus self-serving content. If you link back to your site, it qualifies as the latter.



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