Content that clicks: How to write blog headlines and CTAs that drive views, clicks and leads based on real data

Content that clicks: How to write blog headlines and CTAs that drive views, clicks and leads based on real data

13 Sep 2016

Marketers like to talk about “compelling” content, but when it comes to getting your audiences to take action, what does that mean? We took a look at the hard numbers on our own blog and offer the following practical tips for writing blog headlines and calls-to-action that get views, clicks and leads.


If your goal is awareness

If you’re branching into a new space, renaming a company or launching a new product, awareness is your first hurdle to hard business results down the line. Softer tips using language like “advantages” and “learnings”—plus posts that are tied to trending pop culture items—were the top-viewed pieces of content on our site. To drive up awareness, consider softer-approach blog titles like:

  • Three advantages of X
  • Ten best practices for X
  • Three things you can learn from TREND


If your goal is clicks

When you’ve got the awareness but aren’t quite at “lead,” your goal may be getting site visitors to take action—any action at all. Maybe visitors aren’t quite ready to contact you or fill out a form, but simply clicking on a call-to-action (CTA) is an important step in the sales funnel. On our site, blog titles that incited visitors to click on a CTA were similar to those above but used more urgent, hard-hitting language. To get return visitors to click, consider blog titles like:

  • Ten tools that will make you smarter
  • Don’t annihilate your business goals by…
  • Five hacks for X you need to know right now


If your goal is conversions

They know who you are. You have decent site traffic. But you’re not seeing a bump in leads. Are you using the right CTAs?

We all know that a blog post without a CTA is like a party invitation with no location information—where do visitors go from here? But what types of CTAs work harder than the others? We took a look at our site and offer the following lessons.

Cleverness can backfire. If it’s clicks you’re after, careful not to be too clever. While some of our informational CTAs giving details on eGuides and other offers got the most views, CTAs with straight-up concise language like “download now” or “learn more” got the most clicks.

Seek surprise. Sliders that surprise the reader from the right or left side while scrolling earned big clicks over static CTAs at the bottom of a post. (Bonus: Add a picture to your slider for even better results.)

Clarity for conversions. Straightforward language ruled on conversions, too. The CTA that hands down got the most form submissions? Straight up: “sign me up.”

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