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14 Mar 2017
Campaign generated results that were nothing to sneeze at

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) wanted to find the most effective way to educate residents about the importance of everyone over the age of six months getting a flu shot to prevent the spread of influenza. So we created a campaign called “Knock out the flu with one shot,” which featured boxing imagery with some levity to attract audiences to this important public health message.

The client set an initial goal of 2,000 sessions on DOH Flu landing pages, which was in keeping with past efforts. Our program vastly exceeded that, with 27,599 sessions on the Flu landing pages in English and Spanish during the life of the campaign. 


Reaching a broad audience

The target audience included all adults and teens in the state of Washington – including the smaller towns in the southwestern portion of the state that are typically harder to reach with traditional media.

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A media mix for maximum impact

For maximum impact, we recommended a mix of:

  • Movie theater advertising
    • Provided high attendance for all ages and high-impact, statewide reach
  • Streaming radio (Pandora) spots
    • Offered a huge reach of 1.5 million targets in Washington state, including Spanish speakers, and was more targeted than over-the-air radio
  • Mobile, contextual, native and social ads
    • Trackable, these afforded the opportunity to reach targets via their heavy mobile and social usage; closest point to conversion to landing page

In addition, we provided tools for the DOH to spread the message among its partners and internal audiences with posters, fliers and calendars in both English and Spanish. We also provided assets to refresh the existing DOH Flu landing pages with creative consistent with the “knock out the flu” effort.


Media budget breakdown



The campaign generated over 16 million impressions. 386,000 video spots aired in nearly 60 movie theaters statewide, including the hard-to-reach southwest portion of the state, and digital efforts drove an impressive 48,000 clicks. Social media and native advertising were the strongest-performing tactics and the campaign achieved 65 percent viewability (defined as ads that were “above the fold,” meaning no scrolling was required to see the ads), which was 15 percent above the benchmark.

Though the primary goal was to drive audiences to the DOH Flu landing pages, boosted content on the agency’s main Facebook page contributed to increased engagement among followers. Collectively, three boosts on the page reached nearly 150,000 people, had nearly 4,000 post engagements and garnered more than 42,000 3-second video views. In addition, the campaign helped grow likes on the DOH Facebook page overall, with the campaign accounting for 67 percent of new likes during the period, an increase of almost 400 likes.

The campaign made an impact on immunization professionals across the country when it won recognition from The National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit, dedicated to improving the use of vaccines. And the DOH team was pleased to use outreach tactics that made the best use of the budget to maximize awareness of the importance of getting a flu vaccine.


“GA Creative performed above and beyond the expectations of our campaign. Their strong work ethic, attention to detail and professionalism would make them an ideal candidate to work with again.”

Barry Iverson | Health Educator at Washington State Department of Health


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