Facebook ads drive 20K unique landing page clicks [Work]

Facebook ads drive 30K clicks in 6-week campaign [Work]

12 May 2017
We helped the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) educate residents about the importance of getting a flu shot. Social media was a major component of our “Knock out flu with one shot” campaign, which played on boxing imagery and metaphors to shine light on this important public health message.


 Washington State Department of Health Facebook Ad


An infectious approach

For this campaign, we implemented a combination of Facebook ad types for the best possible results, targeting both English and Spanish speakers, teen and up. We’d recommended Facebook for this campaign, in part, because it was one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to extend the message to the smaller towns in the southwestern portion of the state that are typically harder to reach with traditional media. Our main objective was to drive traffic to the DOH landing pages – more than in previous years. The client set an initial goal of 2,000 sessions, which was in keeping with past efforts.

Through carousel ads with a “traffic” objective, as well as boosts of several pieces of organically shared content on the DOH Facebook page, the six-week campaign drove 1.3 million total social impressions and 30,000 clicks. Though social media was just one piece of a larger campaign puzzle, the Facebook ads alone drove significant traffic to the landing page and were in the top two of all campaign elements for click-thru rate (CTR).


Reaching people with a vital message

Two of the pieces of content we shared and then boosted with ad dollars were longer, educational pieces about flu myths and high risk groups. Both of those elements of the campaign drove an average of 100,000 impressions, helping to further educate audiences about the often misunderstood and potentially heated topic of flu vaccination.


Added bonus

Though the main goal of the campaign was to drive audiences to the landing page, a side benefit was increased engagement during the campaign on the DOH Facebook page. Collectively, three boosts on the page reached nearly 150,000 people, had nearly 4,000 post engagements and garnered more than 42,000 three-second video views. In addition, the campaign helped grow likes on the DOH Facebook page overall, with the campaign accounting for 67 percent of new likes during the period, an increase of almost 400 likes.


Healthy results

Our multimedia campaign vastly exceeded the 2,000-session goal, with 27,599 sessions on the Flu landing pages in English and Spanish during the life of the campaign. Social media and native advertising were the largest drivers of site traffic. Ultimately, the DOH team was incredibly pleased with what we were able to accomplish via strategic Facebook advertising.



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