Humans on Mars, audio advertising, and other headlines this week

Humans on Mars, audio advertising and other headlines this week

30 Sep 2016

Here’s a look at what we’re reading this week from the world of branding, consumer products, entertainment, science and technology.


National Geographic

Elon Musk: A million humans could live on Mars by the 2060s

SpaceX's plan for building a Mars settlement includes refueling in orbit, a fleet of passenger ships and the biggest rocket ever made.



Why audio advertising could be your campaign's secret weapon

Marketers, listen up.


The New Yorker

Practice doesn't make perfect

Practice matters, but in many fields it matters much less than you might think.



Disney is working with an adviser on potential Twitter bid



Seattle Eater

Vital updates on the Poke front

Progress reports on two new Seattle poke restaurants.



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