Content marketing starts with thought leadership

04 Dec 2018

The truth hurts. Your customers aren’t interested in your products in and of themselves. They are going to buy your product or service because of the ability it gives them to solve problems. Content marketing is a way to stop selling—and start telling the story around how your company is their solution. Content marketing starts with thought leadership. It’s about introducing thoughtful theories, game-changing ideas and meaningful perspective—instead of leading with product details.

When you brainstorm content ideas, pull in people from across the organization: product, sales, marketing, customer service and more should all be at the table. And evaluate topic ideas against an agreed-upon set of criteria. Aside from aligning with your value proposition, content should meet these basic criteria:

  1. Original. Take a new angle that’s not already common knowledge. Think about what’s missing in the conversation in your industry.
  2. Objective. Gain trust by acknowledging strong points in other products and shortfalls in your own.
  3. Interesting. Even if you have a technical topic, your intent is to engage, so take a storytelling approach.

The best way to develop content that will resonate is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Think about your audiences’ most persistent challenges and offer a way to navigate them. By supporting your overarching story with recent statistics or current news, your content will feel even more relevant.

Create once, use in multiple ways

Once you’ve invested in developing an in-depth piece of content like a presentation for an industry tradeshow or webinar, don’t let it sit dormant after the live event. Buyers want different types of content, from long form to short form. So, repurpose that content into multiple formats such as eGuides or white papers, bylined articles, blogs, web content, infographics, videos and social media posts.


Use paid media channels to get your content out there. B2B content syndication platforms, like Netline, enable you to post your content across a network of thousands of web properties that reach your target industry sectors and deliver leads at a set cost per lead. The beauty of this type of program is that you only pay for leads that match your filter criteria based on company revenue size, employee size, job level, job function, geography and more.

As they say, content is king. Repurpose what you’ve already got and create new, timely content to drive new leads to your company or organization.

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