Cheaters Reading Glasses Case Study [Work]

Social media campaign reinvigorates online sales [Work]

05 Nov 2015

GA Creative conducted a “Quick Hit” Social Media Campaign on behalf of Cheaters Reading Glasses, an online purveyor of high-end reading glasses. Previously a physical store in a popular mall in Corte Madera, California, Cheaters moved exclusively online in response to rising rent prices. Orders had slowed with increasing competition in the fashion reading glasses space. Cheaters tasked GA Creative with helping to give business a boost through social media.



“We were thrilled with the amount of traffic this social media campaign drove to our website in such a short period of time.”

Gayle Burns | Co-owner, Cheaters Reading Glasses


  • Engage with current fans on Facebook and set the stage for future engagement
  • Add new fans on Facebook to expand potential customer pool
  • Drive new and repeat orders on cheatersreadingglasses.com


  • Launched and managed Facebook ad campaign
  • Updated Facebook banner and profile images to better match Cheaters' personality
  • Created and managed Facebook content calendar for the duration of the campaign
  • Engaged with audiences on Cheaters' Facebook timeline
  • Created future content recommendations and Blog 101, a guide for launching a simple blog


  • 70% increase in Facebook page likes, from 317 to 514 in a 10-day timeframe
  • 38K weekly post reach, up from 6 the week before the campaign began
  • 598 people engaged with the page, up from 2 in the previous week
  • 11 click-throughs from the Shop Now button, up from 0 the previous week
  • Facebook was the #1 referrer of traffic to the Cheaters website during the promotional period
  • Unique users and page views spiked dramatically as a direct result of the campaign
  • Cheaters saw its best sales month in 4 months, with a 69% increase over the seasonal average



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