Attracting new visitors to a website with content marketing [Work]

Attracting new visitors to a website with content marketing [Work]

31 Jan 2017

We helped Badgley Phelps, a 50-year-old wealth management firm in Seattle, rebrand with a new website and fresh look. Their goal was to modernize and better reach a younger target audience while still engaging with existing clients.

The new website was the pillar of the rebrand as the primary call to action for marketing efforts and a platform for industry thought leadership through the blog. The primary goal was to increase traffic to Badgley.com from new visitors who could be potentially converted to new clients.



Sessions from new visitors increased 50 percent in the first six months. The blog afforded Badgley the opportunity to easily publish content and add new pages on a regular basis, improving SEO. The 25 total pages added helped to drive a 48 percent increase in traffic from organic search, and a 187 percent increase in sessions from social referral. 

The client was happy with the results and had a strong platform on which to build marketing programs for 2017 and beyond.






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