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04 Jun 2014

Five steps to smart, engaging, measured search engine marketing

Are you making the most of your website? Today more than ever before, even if you’re not a retailer with an e-commerce presence, you’re always selling. Your image. Your services. Your products. Your people. Blanket messages aren’t enough: It’s about two-way interactions with users.

Without a huge investment in time and money, your organization will increase its Search Engine Marketing (SEM) effectiveness by taking these five steps to be smart, engaging, and measured (SEM).


1. Optimize your site.

Your optimized site (Search Engine Optimized or SEO) drives organic traffic. Bring in important key words and phrases, meta-tagging and links when you write web content. Make every word count. With well-thought-out keywords, or search terms, you’ll compete for real estate at the top of the search results page.

Best practices for an optimized site:
1. Include in-bound and out-bound links on your site pages
2. Target at least 150 words per page
3. Keep each page to a singular topic as best possible


2. Refresh content often.

Search crawlers love new information! Part of site optimization also means updating content often. Stay active on your blog, change out your home page news bites, tag images, incorporate videos, and more. And when your web site – and all of your marketing – builds in social media, you create opportunities for interaction that keep users coming back for more.


3. Drive traffic to your website.

From free methods such as online social outlets, word of mouth and in-bound links, to paid methods such as online advertising banners and pay-per-click (PPC) ads, to traditional advertising, keep your website at the center of your organization’s brand communication efforts. It’s likely the most visible and most widely used medium by your audience.


4. Measure visits.

Pay attention to which of your site pages gets the most attention, and why that is. Is it because of a certain call to action – and does that receive a high number of clicks? Clicks to where? And with your paid media – whether on or offline – measure what works best and drives the most traffic. Web site analytics can be set up to track certain events – or user behaviors. Make the most of these tools.


5. Evaluate and modify constantly.

Refine your SEM strategy and start the process over again. You’ll quickly learn the power of your website as a smart, engaging and measured asset – to both create the user behaviors you want, and learn from what users demand of your site.


Elements of Search Engine Marketing


The online marketing trio – no online presence is complete without all three. These work synergistically – for example, you could have as many as 20 spots on a page with a combination of pay-per-click ads, organic listings, plus a dozen or so other mixed search formats depending on the query (news results, image results, video results, blog results, etc). Every spot you can grab on a page not only provides an additional opportunity for clicks, but having multiple spots increases the CTR of all spots. And, you'll likely bump your competition down the list. How's that for smart?


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