A good infographic is worth a thousand words. [Work]

13 Oct 2015

When you need to communicate a complex idea or the meaning behind data-heavy information, infographics -- when done well -- can do the heavy lifting.

We created an infographic for Seattle Children’s to get the word out and help raise money to find new cures for childhood cancer. Strong Against Cancer is a team effort of doctors, nurses, researchers, hospitals, companies, Seattle Seahawks’ Quarterback Russell Wilson and people like you and me supporting the development of treatments that use the immune system to eliminate cancer. Learn about the breakthrough immunotherapy treatment, developed at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research in this infographic we created to encourage support for this game-changing treatment.


Seattle Children's Infographic on Childhood Cancer

Here are a few tips non-profits should keep in mind when drafting content for rally cries for support (but this can go for other organizations, too!):

1. Organize your information in buckets – group visual data in a thoughtful way.

2. Use color and contrast to emphasize information.

3. Show the data – that means you need numbers to support what you’re trying to convey!

4. Enance your infographics with type – it’s best to use one font family!

5. Add pie charts, bar charts or graphs to help visualize and support the data…but keep it simple.

6. Edit and edit some more – use easy-to-digest icons and imagery to help express the information quickly.

7. Don’t forget a call-to-action – you’ve gotten their attention, go in for the fundraising appeal!


New Call-to-action

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