99 practical marketing tips

99 practical marketing tips

17 May 2017

Like any good marketing firm, we love a blog by the numbers. Here’s a roundup of a buncha blogs that feature practical marketing tips, everything from developing patient personas to social media strategy to collateral development to content marketing to branding inspiration from Albert Einstein. 

Let’s get clicking:

3 advantages to using patient personas in healthcare marketing

3 ways technology marketers can create buyer personas for lead generation

3 ways to maximize returns on your financial services letter

4 times to hire a ghostwriter

4 times Albert Einstein gave you the best branding tips

5 pieces of must-have collateral, now

5 common misconceptions nonprofits have about social media

5 LinkedIn lessons for wealth management services marketing

5 best practices for keeping your brand intact

5 tips for brilliant nonprofit branding on Pinterest

5 tips for creating content that attracts new financial clients

7 ways to tap into the millennial market for healthcare

10 steps to better blogging and social media

10 questions to ask your sales team before rebranding

10 online fundraising statistics inbound marketers must know

12 podcasts that’ll make you smarter


Want one more tip? Doing an assessment on your website annually to make sure you’re optimized for SEO and have a clear user path for your key targets is a great idea.



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