5 ways to make your rack cards rock

Rack ‘em up.

07 Jan 2016
5 ways to make your rack cards rock.

The average consumer sees rack cards all the time—in hospitals, restaurants and theaters, at bars and on buses—but likely hasn’t heard the term. In Starbucks locations, for example, rack cards are everywhere. And rightly so. When we’re standing in line, waiting for friends or sitting on the train and we’ve exhausted our status updates or our tablet battery is dead, we need something to look at, right? Why not learn about a company, product or service via a 4x9 informational card? And if you’re the company with the products or services, why not make your card stand out from the rack pack?

Here are five ways to make your rack cards rock.






Keep the front picture perfect. Use a highly visual image that takes up most of the front of your rack card to stand out from the dozens of others displayed



Use headline copy that sells. Incite laughter, raise eyebrows or even be contradictory; just get their attention with your headline and they’ll want to read on.

Tip: Since your rack card is likely going to live on a rack, the top portion of the card should be reserved for a catchy headline and not for logos. 



Keep it simple. Cover 3-5 key points using bullets and bolding for a clean look.



Call me.
 Don’t forget pertinent information like address, phone number and website; even if the card is for display at your own facility. Rack cards are easy to toss in a bag and refer to later, or pass along to someone else who may be interested.




Get social. Don’t forget to ask people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Pinterest.


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Considering a virtual rack card? Check out our free guide: 3 steps to creating standout virtual collateral.

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