Beep beep! 5 avenues to drive traffic to your website

Beep beep! 5 avenues to drive traffic to your website

31 Mar 2017

The world of marketing is all about getting potential customers, clients, patients and donors to show up on your doorstep. Whether you’re ready to explore a full awareness and response strategy or are just looking to incorporate some content marketing best practices, there are several things you can do to help draw in new website visitors and to keep them coming back.

Deploy search tactics

Understand the terms people might use to find a company who offers what you do. And determine terms through which you want to be found. Incorporate them in your website content and code. Fresh, optimized content is a solid step toward helping you appear high on a search results page.

Tip: Keep content fresh

Google and other search engines are constantly looking for new content that is popularly searched. Add fresh news, people, products and more to your site on a regular basis.


Tap the power of PPC

Need a bigger boost? Add paid advertising such as pay-per-click (PPC) by bidding on and paying for certain keywords that will generate simple ads you create at or near the top of page results. Once clicked, they are a direct link to your site.


Cite sources people trust

When your site includes links to content from familiar and trusted organizations or individuals, your site’s content quality – and therefore your search ranking – goes up with it. Think “Top 10 lists” or advice from “this guru” or the latest “data from X” or “trends from Y.”


Blog and optimize for social media

An active blog and social media integration are musts for driving site traffic. More than that, they invite ways to qualify your visitors as leads, target them for future nurturing and convert them into customers.

Tip: Blog and they will come

Companies who publish 16+ blog posts per month get almost 3.5 times more website traffic than companies who publish 0-4 blog posts and about 4.5 times more leads. (HubSpot)


Give them a comfortable place to land

Incorporate landing pages specific to special events, promotions and offers to create a consistent experience for visitors.



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