3 questions to ask yourself when evaluating your website navigation

3 questions to ask yourself when evaluating your website navigation

29 Mar 2017
Zero in on the user experience

You likely developed a sitemap when you initially launched your site. An important step in evaluating your website annually is navigating through your site with a fresh eye, remembering all the “must haves” that make for a seamless user experience. Here are three questions to consider when assessing whether there is room for improvement.


Are you using analytics to track who you're reaching, how and with what information?

Using your website analytics, you can you see whether a user stays in one place or hops around your site, helping inform how you may make revisions over time. You want users to navigate and consume related content without losing their way.


Is it easy for your audiences to "jump" through your site, with calls-to-action at the end of each blog post or related links at the bottom of each page? 

Don’t leave visitors to their own devices once they land on your site. Instead, always continue the conversation. On each page, ask yourself, what’s next? If a user is reading the president’s bio, are they offered up a link to a blog post from the president with tips relevant to their business? Does that blog post then offer further, related content, perhaps about a product or service that could solve a pain point?


Are you capturing target audience information in several places on your site? 

Ultimately, you want to capture user data so that you can embark on lead nurturing activities. Ideally, opportunities for email/information capture exist on every page of your website.


Remember, your website is one piece of your entire customer experience. Making sure it syncs up with your outbound communications that lead them to your site, and with your follow-up lead nurturing efforts, is what drives conversions most effectively.



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