3 advantages to using patient personas in healthcare marketing

3 advantages to using patient personas in healthcare marketing

22 Oct 2015

Key to any healthcare marketing campaign is clearly defining your target. Creating personas, or fictional representations of your target audience, takes you beyond basic demographics. They help you dive deeper to build an understanding your audiences’ specific behaviors, concerns and needs.

Here are three advantages that healthcare marketers gain from creating personas for patient acquisition:

1. Understand what motivates healthcare decisions.

A patient profile outlines the makeup of your patient mix by summarizing facts from your patient database such as gender, age, household income. Personas supplement that basic information with other factors that help round out the complete picture of a typical target: their current state of health and their healthcare goals, their knowledge level, preferences and motivators.

2. Develop more compelling messaging frameworks.

To develop communications that resonate, map your personas to the healthcare “buying” cycle, so that you’re prepared with the right messaging to engage them at the right time. Think through what this type of patient would want to know in the interest, consideration, trial, retention and advocacy phases of their healthcare experience.

3. Drive better media buying decisions.

By getting into the mind of your prospects, you can identify the right media to connect with them. For example, are they sedentary and likely to watch a lot of TV? Or are they active on social media? That way, you’re marketing spend is pinpointed within effective media, and you’re not wasting dollars by marketing too broadly.


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