10 steps to hosting a killer Facebook chat.

14 Apr 2016

A Facebook chat is a virtual gathering of Facebook users to discuss a common topic. It’s a way to engage with followers used by major brands like National Geographic, Home Depot and many more. It’s as simple as posting a photo of an expert to announce that she/he is online and allowing fans to ask questions in the comments that’ll be answered in real-time for an hour.

Here are 10 steps you can take to get the best results from your chat.

  1. Create a dedicated event listing; then share it to your main timeline, pin it to the top and boost it.
  2. Post daily to the event page to get people excited, asking for question ideas, sharing quotes related to the chat topic and more.
  3. Run Facebook Carousel Ads featuring a series of images that tell a story to the viewer 7-10 days prior to the chat.
  4. Execute a final push ad the day of the event as people who sign up close to the event are more likely to attend.
  5. Support the chat with an email invitation, if possible, with links directly to the event page.
  6. Include the chat as a call-to-action in blog posts on related topics leading up to the event.
  7. Develop a Q&A beforehand for your experts to refer to during the chat. Write the Q&A in informal language appropriate for social media so it’s easy to cut and paste responses as appropriate.
  8. Have information ready to share during the first couple of minutes before anyone asks a question.
  9. Stick to the allotted time for the chat. Both your time and attendees’ is important.
  10. Provide a link to a document for download as a takeaway for attending.


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