10 steps to better blogging and social media.

10 steps to better blogging and social media

21 Sep 2016

Your website traffic has plateaued or dropped off. What do you do? Revitalize your social media and blogging activities to improve SEO. How do you get the best results? Follow these 10 best practices for post frequency, organic content types and paid content.  


“The biggest lesson is that there is really no substitute for valuable content. Patients want in-depth great content. Interaction is important, but really, you need great content.”

Lee Aase | Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media



1. Create and adhere to a quarterly content calendar for blog posts and social posts.

2. Repackage information from reputable sources. Collect links from several sources and repackage as a roundup with a comment from your own expert for a fresh take.

3. Create an e-guide on topics of interest to your customers using existing content supplemented by a brief interview with a subject matter expert that prospects can download from the blog; support it with social media advertising as well as five related blog posts that link to the content in question.

4. Post content to social media using the 80/20 rule for You Posts (which serve the reader with tips and information) versus Me Posts (which serve the organization and link back to the website). Me Posts are key traffic drivers but without being balanced with You Posts, a page can lose credibility and likes, therefore losing potential traffic. 

  • You Posts include appropriate news and trending items, driven by sources outside your company.
  • Me Posts include tips, news, roundups and more driven by your company and posted first to the blog.

5. Create a list of credible sources on the Internet from which trending content may be repurposed so there is a steady stream of posts daily.

6. Swap banner images monthly with an image related to a themed call-to-action.

7. Post at least four memes to encourage social sharing monthly with information relevant to the themed call-to-action.

8. Support content marketing CTAs (e-guide, blog, chat, etc.) with social media ads targeting your audience within your defined geography.

9. Boost one organic post per quarter to current and prospective fans of social media pages.

10. Run a page-like ad leading up to a chat or event to drive views of chat information on timelines.


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