10 questions to help you determine the state of your brand

Rebrand, refresh or relax?

12 Jan 2016
10 questions to help you determine the state of your brand.

Change is good, but investing in a new brand—whether it’s a total overhaul or just a refresh—can be a big commitment in terms of time and money. How do you know if you need to make this investment? If you’ve experienced any of the following within the past year, it may be time to take a look at your options.

  1. New leadership, ownership, merger or acquisition.
  2. Change in the direction of your company.
  3. Significant growth or increased competition. 
  4. Expansion to a new geography.
  5. Launch of a new product or service.
  6. Broadening your focus to a new target audience.
  7. Name change.
  8. Brand inconsistencies.
  9. A gut sense or research that tells you that your look and feel is outdated.
  10. Consensus that you as an organization have outgrown your brand to a point that it doesn’t accurately reflect who you are or what you do—and is telling the wrong story.

If you have experienced one or more of these recently, contact GA Creative for a free consultation. We’d be happy to hear where you are and where you’re headed, and to help assess whether or not you are ready for a rebrand, refresh or whether you can sit back and relax.


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