17 May 2017

Like any good marketing firm, we love a blog by the numbers. Here’s a roundup of a buncha blogs that feature practical marketing tips, everything from developing patient personas to social media strategy to collateral development to content marketing to branding inspiration from Albert Einstein. 

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12 May 2017
We helped the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) educate residents about the importance of getting a flu shot. Social media was a major component of our “Knock out flu with one shot” campaign, which played on boxing imagery and metaphors to shine light on this important public health message.


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06 May 2017
Three core principles guide the way.

Website design is a central part of building a strong brand. Your website needs to be responsive so it’s accessible, navigation should be intuitive and transactions have to be seamless. Simple, clean and centered on the needs of your website visitors, user-centered design means to:

  • Understand who the user groups are and what tasks they are performing on your site. Note: customer personas can come in handy in this way.
  • Keep design clean and simple to reduce unnecessary mental effort by the user.
  • Be consistent with interface elements and dialogue boxes.
  • Provide adequate navigation for end users to know exactly where they are at all times.
  • Use simple and natural language.

But how do you achieve all of this from a design perspective? Our website design philosophy consists of three key principles:

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04 May 2017

3D printing, or additive manufacturing if you’re in the biz, is poised to revolutionize so many industries that we can barely keep up. In his book, “The Third Industrial Revolution; How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World,” futurologist Jeremy Rifkin points to 3D printing as one of the technologies at the tipping point of fundamental economic change. The barrier to immediate adoption used to be the price tag, with some 3D printers costing as much as $500,000. That’s why, initially, 3D printing was primarily used for prototyping in industries like aerospace and defense. (Curious where prototyping is headed? Check out our work with Zemax.)

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